The new IOS8 update contains an app named Health which CANNOT BE DELETED.

The app allows you to choose which aspects of your health you choose to monitor, but available categories include “Body Measurements”, which includes body weight, and “Fitness”, which contains sections for calories consumed and calories burned. 

While this may be useful for those looking to monitor their fitness, it could be triggering and harmful to those suffering with or in recovery from eating disorders, especially in sufferers with obsessive compulsive tendencies they find it very hard to abstain from, such as calorie counting, body measuring and weighing.

Whilst of course the app cannot force you to use it, it cannot be deleted, so will be present within your apps and can be a source of feelings of temptation to record numbers and of guilt and judgement for not using the app.

If you personally feel you could not emotionally handle the presence of this app,  and it would be detrimental to your recovery, please do not download IOS8. I do not know if a new IOS can be avoided permanently (if anyone has any information on this please do add it to the post), but if it cannot then please use the time you have to prepare yourself for the app, and to reinforce reminders that you do not have to calorie count, you do not have to weigh yourself, you do not owe proof of exercise to anyone, person or app.

reblog this please - it is so incredibly shitty of apple to do this

Violence and Milk by noonrema


Violence and Milk by noonrema


me before The Winter Soldier


me after The Winter Soldier


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my reaction to every episode of Elementary: WHERE IS THE TURTLE


my reaction to every episode of Elementary: WHERE IS THE TURTLE

Reblog if you have read fan fiction better than some published books






Help me prove a point

I have never reblogged anything faster.

Unfortunate for the books, but speaks loads about the quality of some fan fics

One for Sorrow…Lamp Black, Wolf Grey…The Last Werewolf…yes, this is a DEFINITE reblog.

Well, duh.

And it’s not just about some fanfic being better than some books. I have read vast quantities of fanfic that give me the sense that I am the intended reader, the target audience, that my pleasure in reading it is what the author was aiming for. Fanfic makes me feel welcome, and as if my fictional interests are valid.

No matter how well written, I very rarely feel that way about published novels.


Watch Karen Gillan’s Hilarious Freudian Slip

That is one of the most well delivered jokes I’ve ever seen.

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Because I can never keep track of this shit, have this classy reminder


Because I can never keep track of this shit, have this classy reminder

Ophelia is a child. She has been dominated by powerful men all her life, and suddenly they disappear. Her brother goes to France. Her father is murdered by her boyfriend, and he is shipped off to England.

She is alone, for the first time: grieving and heartbroken and guilty, because, as far as she’s concerned, it’s all her fault. She ignored her brother’s advice and fell in love with Hamlet and now her father is dead, all because of her. And the pain, and the loss, and the shame, and the guilt—all of this is gnawing away inside this little child’s mind. And it comes out as… little songs.

And will he not come again?

And will he not come again?

No, no. He is dead.

My father is dead, and I killed him.


Remus Lupin and marauders

Based on the book “Harry Potter” (J.K.Rowling) 

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This vid has popped up on Tumblr here and there, but none of us who worked on it have ever posted it, so why not?


I Swear | Smallville, Clark/Lex | vid by Dualbunny, Greensilver (trelkez), Pipsqueak & sweetestdrain (exitbybears)

Download available here

If you’ve seen it, you know what you’re in for. If you don’t, no spoilers are given. It’s a romance, people. An epic romance

This may be the greatest thing in the history of ever.  Years now, after seeing it at its debut, all the things I ruptured laughing have finally healed, so BE WARNED. :D

I’m already weeping with laughter and I haven’t even rewatched it. IT WAS SEARED ON MY EYEBALLS FOREVERMORE.


"Northwest Passage" Stan Rogers


"Come on," Bucky said into the growing silence. "Ain’t you gonna tell me I look nice?"
There’s My Territory - Dira Sudis (dsudis)

My attempt at Bucky from this fic. I don’t believe he had garters in it, but I thought they’d look nice anyways.

:D :D :D


"Come on," Bucky said into the growing silence. "Ain’t you gonna tell me I look nice?"

There’s My Territory - Dira Sudis (dsudis)

My attempt at Bucky from this fic. I don’t believe he had garters in it, but I thought they’d look nice anyways.

:D :D :D

I’ve told Nick a thousand times, I never wanted to meet Captain America in person! I just wanted a picture! You can’t disappoint a picture! I hate you Nick! I hate you so much!



Do I want to participate in the Multifandom Extreme Big Bang? I have a story I think is going to run over 100,000 words, and the timeline seems reasonably realistic—I’ll even have time to wrangle it into Age of Ultron compliance if that turns out to be a thing I care about after seeing Age of Ultron—but I just don’t know.

Are y’all still going to be interested in the Saga of Bucky’s Dick next summer?

I’m quite certain that I’d read the hell out of a 100 k Bucky fic written by you next summer even if I’ve moved on from the fandom by then. Tell us more about the plot? :D?


*eyes outline*

Plot. Yes. Um. I did say it’s The Saga of Bucky’s Dick, right?

It’s Hydra-trash-party-adjacent, in that it’s very much a story of Bucky’s recovery from systematic dehumanization that included rape and sexual abuse—and Bucky will probably remember and even relive some of that at various points in the story—but everything happening in the actual timeline of the story is consensual, if not always 100% safe or sane or clearly negotiated.

I just really like the slice of the trash party that deals with Bucky having non-standard sexual needs after everything he’s been through, and Steve figuring out how to give Bucky what he needs. In this story, the central idea is that Bucky’s dick is nonfunctional outside of circumstances that closely resemble the way Hydra treated him—which isn’t a way Steve ever wants to treat him and isn’t something Bucky is thrilled about experiencing again, but without that Bucky genuinely cannot get off. 

…Except, since this is me, the story actually begins with Steve catching up with Bucky and getting him to come in from the cold to the loving arms of… the US Army. I am almost five thousand words into the story, Bucky is in the Army, Steve is nowhere to be seen, and it has sort of vaguely occurred to Bucky that sex is a thing that was part of his life in the past and possibly could be again at some point in the future. Don’t ask me how many Wikipedia tabs I opened in the process of describing the top shelf of the bookcase in Bucky’s barracks.

There are at least twelve sex scenes (or scenes including an attempt at sex) in the outline.

I like assuming that it’s going to be about a hundred thousand words long because I have written hundred thousand word stories in a reasonable timeframe without repeatedly breaking down in tears or writing myself straight out of the fandom and/or pairing in question. So let’s go with that theory! A hundred thousand words! Yeah! This won’t be horrible at all! I will still like Bucky AND Steve when I finish!

Anyway, there you go. Plot! That’s a plot, right?